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Sera Huh
Sooo I have a head cold but I am so bored of doing nothing I'm online making myself more ill. Whoooops! And I have work tomorrow... whoooops!

Well anyway... in a months time my final show will be open to family and friends and I'm very scared! Not only has my Lecturer destroyed my work space (literally. He also gave part of it to another student) I also have been told my current project work communicates NOTHING. Yet I've made everyone laugh with my work. Which was the goal. I'm getting really stressed though, I have nowhere to display my work and my Lecturer doesn't notice... he has also built a house inside the classroom for some fine art students.... health and safety? HELLO!??
A non-fine artist was told she could'nt have a display where people would have to walk into her space...... because there is a metre gap rule for health and safety. YET THE HOUSE HAS A DOOR. AND BEFORE THAT IT WAS LESS THAT A METRE AND HE WANTED THEM TO BUILD A CAT FLAP TO GET INTO IT.
Annoying turd :/

Anyway, dork wise, I haven't watched any anime or read anything. Way to worried and busy, but I will catch up in the Summer :)

Off to watch my friend who is on the News from the recent Pirates of the Carribian movie premire! :D

Sera Huh
Hi! :)
I thought I'd share some of the recent Cosplay photos with my LJ friends :3
Costumes were made by myself. I AM SO PROUD CUS I SUCK AT SEWING LOL.

Sera Huh
I look for ways to get my confidence up and this crap comes out:

"Many women, in particular, get paranoid about their body and are scared rigid of 'getting fat'.

This causes many women to diet sometimes to unhealthy levels and at best get obsessed with food and what they eat, which means they can never really enjoy a meal without feeling guilty about those 'naughty calories'.

If you think your body is too big and have lack of confidence in it, just remember that whenever surveys are done with what men prefer, nearly all men say they prefer women with a healthy curvy figure compared to stick thin models and celebrities, who have the body of a man.

So cut yourself some slack and enjoy the fact that you are a woman and that you have the curves to prove it."

.... So I will never be married or whatever because I am compared to a model and celebrity.... STFU. I have problems with making curves and so this really doesn't help with my confidence. I have none and this website makes it stupid.


Good news- I brought the 3DS ^_^

Sera Eyebrows
So, Christmas is around the corner, which means HALF TERM 8D.
YAY HOMG, College has been Eugh for awhile, people saying many different thing's about your work quickly get's confusing XD.

But atleast I have:

He's wearing my homemade apron x3

He took control of my laptop since I bought it into College today :3
I must say playing the SIMS 3 and buying thing's off Ebay is a good way to relax from quite a serious thing (:

What will you all be doing over Christmas break?

I shall be working a 12 hour shift XP and working Boxing Day and New Years Day, drawingggg, video making, also be catching up on the Oofuri Manga, K-on!! and rewatch Giant Killing, also start some new series, like True Tears, Arakawa, Ai no Kusabi new series and some more, also working on College work :3 shall be quite a relaxing end to the year as I will be very busy with applying to University, making lots of Cosplay and general stuff!

Hope you all have a nice Christmas/Holiday and New Year! (:

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Sera Eyebrows
Yup, London Expo last week 8D Was amazing, best yet! (:
Already went fabric shopping for my next costumes ^___^
As well as Expo I am also going to two college trips, Hereford Uni for an Illustration course taster day and UCAS fair in Manchester, should be fun, I love class coach trips 8D.
Japan is deffinatley happening, I shall be going with TheMagicalLucy 8D I cannot wait to go to The Pokemon Centre, EVANGELION World and the Animate stores for all my Anime/Manga fandom :3 Would love to see some of the old shrines <3

Work is going gooooood, I'm not working Thursdays anymore so I'm less stressed and tired, I only work 17 1/2 hours on the weekend now XD'''. College is going okay-ish... our Lecturer, after much demand has made our 12 hour Monday, into an 8 hour one, so I shall be even less tired, woooh! 8D

Hope everyone is okay, I will get around to everyone's LJ updates ASAP.


Sera Huh

Had a great weekend with Fiona and Beth! 8D
I didn't get to see Fiona because of being ill over Expo and then missing each other on the Sunday, but she came up to Birmingham to view the University and she spent the day with us. Was alot of fun 8D...
and pain lol thanks Beth XD.

As Fiona noticed ^_^ I am a biiggg sports Anime/Manga fan, especially Oofuri and PoT <3
I am svaing up to get the £60 DVD's of the first series of Oofuri :3 whilst waiting I have the new soundtrack to listen too HOMG <3 8D *spazzes*

Trying to convert a file from my webcam so I can put it into Windows Movie Maker, the convertors I've found online so far don't host the file type XP
Anyone,,. HELPPP? XD

Been working on planning the pattern for my Kinon cosplay today, should be really fun to make *stretch stretch puuuuuulllll* <--- Fiona does that aaallll the time x3

Also going to be working on an Art collab with Lucyyy 8D FINALLY xD we have been saying we should do one for a year! :) I look forward to working with you Lucy AND our hopefully holiday next year ^_^

I am off to eat nowww 8D very rare for me to do so, other than tiptops and small amounts of anuthing xD
NEXT JOURNAL: I shall show Fiona what a Tiptop looks like :'D

Sera Huh

Not long until Expo now... I'm sorta ready, I still have to finish my Cosplay's, but I'm working really hard every night so they will be done :)
FINALLY E.M.A arrived today, I earn that money for going to my lessons and they haven't given it me for 4 weeks ¬_¬. I have to put up with the loosers in my class and I get NOTHING XD. but now I have and I bought the fabric paint for my Sakura cosplay :) should arrive next week :)


I lost my final show work for college.... 3 weeks of working on magazine spreads and book covers and what happens... the computer decides to replace the files with an empty folder.... leaving me with no hand in work to get marked OR final show work... accutaly I think I have 3 pieces for final show.... that's terrible D;
I just hope for the projects that my Lectureres understand and still give me a mark because they saw the final products on screen, I just never printed them off D;


Back to happy stuff! :D my back itches >o<''''


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